Jean de BONY, expert en Biotypologie®

Benefits for Companies

Jean de BONY, intervenes for forty years within companies :

  • Seminars on mutual understanding in teams.
  • Conferences and biotypical animations.
  • Validation of recruitment or internal mobility.
  • Professional development consulting.


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Jean de Bony Biotypologist  
Jean de Bony, member of I.E.S.F. (Engineers and scientists from France) and researcher in the human sciences, created in 1980 a method based on a statistical analysis of the psycho-genetic characteristics of more than 10,000 hands: Biotypology®. He developed it in France and Canada. Jean de BONY, consultant in professional evolution, specializes in the evaluation of innate potential. He is also a trainer and lecturer in mutual understanding, including multicultural and multi-ethnic teams. In association with Stéphanie Leclair De Marco, Jean has published three books on Biotypology®. Jean de BONY is also a member of the international network and founder of the Oudinot Network.



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